The Collected and Ephemeral Works of
  Paulina Borsook

  Art's cold welcome on the Web New York Times
23 February, 2001
  Is it art, or is it appropriation? Sundance Film Festival program
January 1997
Evoking the spirit of Walter Benjamin
  Something about art Leonardo
Vol # 30 1997
  Hybrid buildings Architectural Record
July 1986
(Book review)
  California's Mission Revival Architectural Record
May 1986
(Book review)
  Movies for Adults Greencine
28 November2005
  List, Movies for Adults Greencine
Companion list of movie titles for ""Movies for Adults""

Chemical sensitivity, environment
  The diaper fallacy strikes again Rewired
3 December 1997
  Safe Stim
7.2 6 December 1996
  The canary responds, and she is not amused Stim
7.2 6 December 1996
Companion piece/rebuttal against arguments made against ""Safe""
  Industrial disease In /Formation
Bush Administration to Blue-State California:
Drop Dead!

Huffington Post 20 March 2008 First blow against the LBAM eradication program
The Bush Administration's Ongoing Assault on Blue-State California: Spraying Us to Exterminate the Light Brown Apple Moth

California Progress Report 29 May 2008

 Second blow against the LBAM eradication program

  Not home for the holidays Salon
21 November 2000
Being a runaway to Canada in 1969 (with recipe)
  Revenge of the chocolate zucchini bread Salon
12 October 2000
Divorce (with recipe)

Sex, relationships, gender stuff
  Straight answers San Francisco Magazine
April 1998
  Drugs for Ellen Private Lives, Public Opera
Winter 1996
Installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  Nitecrawler Suck
12 April 1996
First ever literary treatment of webstalking your ex
  Memoirs of a token Wired Women: gender, new realities, and cyberspace

  The catastrophic transformation of self
3 October 2001
  Judaism Does Death Right Jewcy17 December 2007  

Text and images for St. B&B. Part of the 'Two Pilgrimages' spoken-word performance

(Audio of the Performance is available here under Spirituality)

Berkeley Hillside Club
5 August 2005
5 Aug 2005 performance of two of her pieces (""Saint B&B"" and ""Aesclepion"") at the Berkeley Hillside Club

Text and images for Aesclepion Part of the 'Two Pilgrimages' spoken-word performance

(Audio of the Performance is available here)

Motion West Studios
7 June 2005
First podcast; companion to ""St B+B"", with a gender twist

  Byzantium 550 A.D. Dark Markets
3 October 2002
Delivered at the Dark Markets conference, Vienna and at the Asilomar Microprocessor Workshop. Monterey (speech)
Raise high the yellow flag of quarantine:
prophylaxis against the software way of knowledge

Metal and Flesh
Fall 2002
Delivered at the Center for the Humanities, University of Maryland - Baltimore (speech)
  High-tech scrooges CIO Magazine
February 2001
  Taming the user-hostile computer San Jose Mercury News
31 December 2000
(Book review)
  Cyberselfish, redux Mojowire (Mother
28 November, 2000
Cyberselfish: Ravers, Guilders, Cyberpunks,
and Other Silicon Valley Life-Forms

Yale Symposium on Law and Technology 9/19/00 Text of speech given at the Yale Symposium on Law and Technology
  Why high-tech culture doesn't give a damn
8 September 2000
Cathedral of the bizarre:
Paulina vs. Eric Raymond

30 June 2000
  Focus on community PRI
19 April 2000
(radio commentary)
  The culture of flip and flee Digital West
31 March 2000
(radio commentary)
  Real time San Jose Mercury News magazine
27 February 2000
  Aboriginals and colonizers Digital West
18 February 2000
(television commentary)
  California dreamin' Artbyte
September/October 2000
  Byte blight University Business
March 1999
(Book review)
  Marketing freedom Feed
20 January 1997
Part of Brainwave project involving Feed, Salon, + Electric Minds (online debate)
  Bionomics 101 Feed
18 October 1996
  Cyberselfish Mother Jones
July/August 1996
Germinal essay for the book ""Cyberselfish""
The Politics of Wired: Saucy, Ignorant Contrarianism

The Wonk Room 07 June 2008  
Beware of Geeks bearing Gifts:
Why The Silicon Valley Does Not
Understand Hollywood

 Written By May 2008  Magazine of the Writer's Guild of America (WGA)
  Not Your Fathers Cultural War Written By Jan 2009
reprinted September 2013

Magazine of the Writer's Guild of America (WGA)
  Letter of Objection to Google Books Settlement 2.0 The Public Index
Jan 26 2010
James Grimmelmann's New York Law School Institute for Information Law and Policy
  Neophilia and Human Nature

Freedom To Tinker
Oct 27 2016

Text of talk given at a Princeton CS graduate seminar

  Anti-Lamott San Francisco Metropolitan
11 October 1999
  The cringe factor Suck
11 November 1996
A very good land to fall with/scenes
from the life of an American Jew

Fessenden Review
(Book review) See fun explanatory note.
  Gig Fessenden Review
(Book review) See fun explanatory note.
  The Hit Man Cometh Fessenden Review
(Book review) See fun explanatory note.
  My Life In Pilates The Hundred May 2008  
Text and images for California On My Mind spoken-word performance

(Audio of the Performance is available here)

Berkeley Hillside Club
27 January 2006
  Two answers for Julia Stein
about my career as a technology writer
text of talk given at DeAnza College
April 24 2009
California Studies Association conference
  Vietnam Comes Home

Los Angeles Review of Books
Feb 18 2018

Essay about consequences of the Vietnam war era as it hammered on through the decades.
Related to 'Not Home for the Holidays' and 'My Life as A Ghost'