The Collected and Ephemeral Works of
  Paulina Borsook
     Features (reporting with attitude)

  Damsels in distress Wired
6.09 September 1998
  Steal this article Upside
March 1996

  Food fashions and the Budweiser effect Northern California Home & Garden
February 1988

Sex, relationships, gender stuff
  The goddess in every woman's machine Wired
3.07 July 1994
Girl technopagans

  The disappeared of Silicon Valley Processed World
  How the Internet ruined San Francisco Salon
28 October 1999
Definitive word on dotcom hypergentification
  The silicon seduction San Francisco Magazine
September 1999
  The Anarchist Wired
4.04 April 1996
Profile of Tom Jennings
  How anarchy works Wired
3.10 October 1995
  Listening to silicon Wired
2.03 March 1994
Profile of Carver Mead
  Street myths Wired 2.02
2.02 February 1994
Profile of John Dvorak
  The accidental zillionaire Wired
2.08 August 1994
Profile of Paul Allen
  Release Wired
1.05 November 1993
Profile of Esther Dyson

Chemical sensitivity, environment

  My Moth Wars California Northern
Assigned and killed
September 2010
The true history of the successful fight against the Light Brown Apple Moth eradication program / Stop The Spray!


  Computational chemistry Whole Earth Review
Fall 1992