The Collected and Ephemeral Works of
  Paulina Borsook

  The basil made me do it Northern California Home & Garden
January 1988

Sex, relationships, gender stuff
  No sex please, we're geeks Salon
12 January 2000
  Silicon Valley alpha males In /Formation

  The truth behind the gray flannel suit Marketplace
10 July 2000
(radio commentary)
  Monsters of spigotry PRI
6 February 2000
(radio commentary)
  What year is it anyway? Salon
29 April 1999
  Sex and the single URL Suck
26 June 1996
The Cosmo Girl's guide to dating technolibertarians
  Beverly_Hills.Com Wired 3
02 February 1994
  Business porn In /Formation

  Cut rate San Francisco Magazine
January 1998
  Why I write SOMA
Winter 1989
  Tales Of Surf City

San Francisco Chronicle
03 July 2011

My prize-winning snark about Santa Cruz, "Tales of Surf City", ran in the "San Francisco Chronicle", as homage/redo of Maupin's "Tales of the City".