Wired for Sex
by Paulina Borsook
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Outline of Contents

I) Intro/coevolution of technology and human sexuality


  • Jonathon Coopersmith, historian of technology, Texas A+M
  • Alex Halavais, academic
  • Eric Janssen, researcher at the Kinsey Institute
  • Dennis Waskul, academic
  • other official types (sex therapists, academics)

How sex has always moved along with technology, particularly communications technology:

  • how hotchat made AOL profitable
  • amateur videos and video rentals made VCR technology, and the current video standards, take off
  • porn on the Net driving the widespread adoption of broadband to the home, and driving x-rated movie theaters out of business
  • The Operation, a porn film done in infared!
  • Electrical 'play'/ the "Violet Wand" of the 1930s; interview with Uncle Abdul, the world expert on electric play...
  • TENSs/The Slightest Touch
  • fMRIs (function MRI) that are being done of the brain during arousal
  • fMRIs of genitals during arousal
  • pornbot
  • technosexuals i.e. folks who eroticize cyborgs and robots

II) Oh say can you see/just looking, thanx


  • veracam, former stripper who got toxic shock from saline breast implants, lost her fingers and legs from the knees down, and became a star in the cam world as a sex-positive disabled sexy woman. documentary has been made about her...

Interactive porn dvds:

  • interview with Wit Maverick
  • NYT story on same

Porn on the Web:

  • ASCII art/video porn drivers
  • Detailed metrics by Lewis Perdue (the only real figures that exist) on porn on the Net

Sex diarists/blogs

X-rated video IMs


  • Thrillmaster 3000
  • Interview with Howard Reingold



Slash: fanzine culture turned naughty featuring erotic stories about Kirk and Spock, Harry and Malfoy, etc. took off with usenet, went visual with the Web.


III) Technology-assisted mate-hunting * match.com and others

  • Interview with Craig Newmark, founder of Craig's List
  • How gays really pioneered the use of the online world for hookups; great 1st person by Paul Festa, journalist who describes use of AOL as 'gay home shopping network' in the 90s to in 2003, finding his one true love on salon personals...

Ease of finding those with a like-minded kink

Japanese use of GPS-equipped cellphones to connect with others who
have also signed up with the same match.com-type dating service
other U.S. services based on sms and gps (smartflirts, dodgeball)

Jaginfo/theeroticreview/other similar sites: i.e. Zagat-type
guides to sexworkers, whose favors and talents are rated, including one
turned into a spreadsheet downloadable into a pda

Interviews with Mike Jones, CEO of software company who created the video application used in many of the dating/mating sites; Iinterview with 'The Profile Doctor', fellow who has created a profitable business helping guys rewrite their profiles

demographic information and interesting bar charts from tickle.com, dating site that uses in-depth psychological tests


IV) Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and their brethren: fairy tales can come true

Differences in molecular structures/biochemisty among these Big Three ED drugs

Uprima, available now in Europe but not in the U.S.

Viagra and the trafficking in endangered species

Science is Mankind’s Brother

Sidebar on Cialis, 'le weekend'

Fun facts about Viagra: a Harpers-type Index of the ED Big Three

6000 names of a minor deity


V) O Hardware! Oh la la!

Mainstreaming of sextoys: 'Sex in the City', growth of sextoy stores as 'clean well-lighted place' not seedy; soccer moms + mothers + daughters shopping together. virtuous circle: market becoming more consumer-driven and woman driven = women want things that work, and that last, and are well-designed. so inventors make new stuff for this burgeoning marketing. 'pleasure parties': tupperware-like home sales...


  • Dr Carol Queen, head sexologist at Good Vibrations
  • Tantus Black, dildo maker
  • Dan Martin, of Vibratex, the importers of the famous Rabbit Pearl
  • Inventor of Real Dolls
  • Elena Dorfman, art photographer who, living with Real Doll families, has done photo-essays on the dolls for the French 'Elle' and other publications
  • Slade, the real dolls surgeon
  • Franco Cioli, general manager of Sexy Living, the largest Canadian distributor and manufacturer of sex toys
  • The latest interesting gadgets (one which is a lower-back stim; one which is basically a fancy finger cot);
  • Beate-Uhse, German company went public on the Frankfurt stock exchange, started by pioneering German feminist in wake of WWII: very feminist and sex-positive (they have a foundation! helps women in need...). now a mid-cap stock; perhaps the largest sextoy company in the world. global reach. new mae b stores: combine shopping gestalt of Victoria's Secret (romance, lingerie, candles) with good-quality consumer-tested sex toys...

Materials science: on miniaturization of motors, silicone, elastomers, and more!

The latest technologies:

  • Voice-powered vibrators
  • Vibrators that will make it past airport security/lawsuit against
  • Delta for a screener harassing a woman for what she had in her carry-on
  • Mini vibrators/dildoes with built-in slots for mini vibrators * poetry in motion/higher art
  • Toys made from lucite, pyrex; toys colored to look like lava lamps or the Apple iMac
  • Eurostyle: myla.com

Love machines

  • Fucking machines
  • Venus 2000 (the 1970s version, the 2004 version, goddess of self-love for men!)

Outline of Contents

Viagra Chapter:
Sidebar: The ED Big Three
Sidebar: The ED Big Three Index
Sidebar: Animal Brothers
Sidebar: Science is Mankind’s Brother
Sidebar: Uprima
Sidebar: Cialis
Sidebar: 6000 Names

First Persons:
Dennis Waskul
Craig Newmark
Elena Dorfman
Natacha Merritt
Paul Festa
Eric Janssen

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